What issues may come up during the pick up process?

❗️Unable to pick up (UTP)❗️

Wrong recipient address

The order has been assigned to the incorrect district due to the GPS error.

The parcel is not ready

The parcel has not arrived at the warehouse, or the merchant has not sent the parcel so the parcel cannot be found at the pick up location.

The merchant/ recipient requests cancellation or rescheduling of the delivery (must provide conversation proof)

You have to screenshot and keep the call log of your conversation with the merchant/ recipient for further reference.


- Recipients not picking up calls is not an acceptable reason for cancellation. Even if the recipient did not pick up your call, you must deliver the parcel to the textual address after picking up the parcel. - If the recipient requests a reschedule but you cannot deliver the parcel at the rescheduled time. Please remark the delivery time that recipient requested when canceling, screenshot and keep the call log of your conversation with the merchant/ recipient for further reference.

‘Unable to pick up’ process

1.) On the "My Orders" page, select the corresponding order. Then click the ‘Begin pickup process’ button and select ‘Cancel Pickup’.

2.) On the ‘Cancel pick up’ page, select the most suitable reason and continue.

3.) Provide the pick up point photo, upload the screenshot or call log of your conversation with the merchants or recipients.

4.) A pop-up notification will be shown after finishing the ‘unable to pick up’ process.

No QR code for scanning

Under the circumstances of the unavailability of QR code, please select the corresponding order and click “Scan orders”, then select “No QR code? Input passcode here”. You can input the four digits after PU of the order number according to the instructions.
You can also click "My Orders" > "Scan Orders" > "Show my QR Code", and let the warehouse staff assist you with the procedure.
Other issues

Cannot pick up the order from merchant

After accepting the order, the merchant claims there is no order?

1.) Please confirm the order number and the address with the merchant again. 2.) If the sender insists that there is no such order/ parcel. Please contact us via Pickupp Delivery Agent App and report it to us.

Cannot find the parcel at warehouse

Arrived at the pick up point but cannot find the parcel?

1.) First, enquire the staff if the parcel has arrived, or if the warehouse team can't find the parcel 2.) Take a photo of you at the pick up point 3.) Please finish the ‘unable to pick up process’ through the Pickupp App and tick ‘the parcel is not ready’

Merchant changes the drop off address

After accepting the order, the merchant/ recipient request to change a new address?

1.) First, you need to call the merchant/ recipient to confirm the change in address, then notify us through ‘Contact Us’. You have to screenshot and keep the call log of your conversation with the merchant/ recipient for further reference. 2.) Please consider your availability and ability before completing. 3.) If you can deliver the order, please provide the information for the new address. Pickupp will update the GPS and the price for you. 4.) If you cannot complete it, please contact us and select ‘unable to deliver’. Complete the ‘unable to deliver’ process and return the parcel to the pick up location by the next day.

No QR code at the merchant / wrong QR code

There is no QR code on the parcel, or is the QR code incorrect?

1.) First, you can ask the merchant/ warehouse if there is a 4-digit passcode. If yes, please input to the app. 2.) If the merchant does not have the QR code or the 4-digit passcode, confirm with the merchant that you have taken the correct parcel before leaving. 3.) You can also upload a photo of the parcel to us through ‘Contact Us’. We will help you finish the pick up process.
qr code

Weight/dimensions issue of the parcel

The actual size of the parcel is different than that mentioned in the order?

When you face issue about the weight or dimensions, you can handle it with the below solutions: -Please ask the merchant to provide the actual weight/ dimension of the parcel to Pickupp. -Please take a picture of the measurements of the weight/ dimensions of the parcel. We will change the price manually. -If you cannot deliver the parcel, please contact us immediately and select ‘Delivery issue’.