Where can I check my earnings?

You can check your earnings under ‘Wallet’ page.

1. Payment confirmation form

Every Monday, Pickupp will send the payment confirmation form via "Contact Us". You can check your earnings and complete the form before 9pm on that day.

2. Balance

Every Tuesday, your total earnings will be reflected in your wallet in the Pickupp App.

3. Cash out

If you wish to cash out, do submit a request by Wednesday 10am and you will receive the earnings within the same week. Please note that the minimum cashout amount is $100. For example, if there is $99 in your balance, you cannot cash out any. However, you could bank in $1 to the account to meet the minimum cash out requirement in order to cash out the entire amount.

4. Transaction History

You can find all the transaction records under the "Transaction History" page.

5. ‘Cash out failed’

If there is any failed Cash out, there will be a new column showing ‘Transaction failed' (wrong account information). The amount will be added to the ‘balance’ again.